Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sharing some Sewing, and Possibly Selling

Yesterday was a productive day! I spent most of the day in my sewing room and finished a JSK from start to finish


Sorry for my silly facial expression!

I have been thinking of making these JSKs to sell for my line, Carousel Cafe Fashion. The design is simple and looks great with border prints or all-over prints. It can be worn as Lolita, or as a pretty sundress, fitting in perfectly with my Brand Concept of "daily wear". They are fully lined and machine washable. The base price would be US$100, and details can be added such as a ruffle on the bottom (+US$3), adding lace (price depends on the type of lace (~+US$15 for hem), or adding a waist bow (US$5). The price can also lower if you choose a cheaper type of fabric (no print, or non-Japanese import)

This is only available in size M right now, though I can probably adjust the pattern for size S and L. XS and XL would have to wait, though!

After I make the apple print version I will see if I feel good about selling these

I also would like to sell basic bloomers for US$10, or a 7-Day Pack for US$58 (20% off). They would be the simple, budget bloomers I gave a tutorial on (yes, I know it is not smart to teach people how to make things you want to sell, but everybody deserves to learn!). They would all be print fabrics. I do not think I would be able to offer specific prints, but I could offer "Light Prints" and "Dark Prints" packs. The fabric I used in my tutorial would be a "Light Print". I have some more fabric, so I can make a few more pairs to show, and maybe a few to sell to see how well received they are

Any suggestions or comments are very welcome!