Saturday, October 23, 2010

Nothing is Original...

I had a brilliant idea for bloomers. In Chinese, bloomers are called "lantern pants" or "pumpkin pants". It is the season of Halloween. I thought of the pumpkin trash bags I used to see around Halloween time like these:

You see where I am going with this? I wanted to make Jack-o-Lantern bloomers! How cute would that be? I had the idea I could make some orange bloomers and applique yellow face pieces onto the back to make some cute Halloween bloomers for sale!

Then I found out that Gloomth makes pumpkin bloomers already

Well, it was a good idea while it lasted! Being that Gloomth is also an independent designer, I would prefer not to compete with her. If you are in the mood for some Halloween fun hidden under your petticoat, Gloomth has got you covered (literally)!