Saturday, October 30, 2010

Daily Wear Snaps

I don't plan on putting too many outfit snaps on my blog because I would prefer more actual content (though I don't fancy myself a very good writer) but here are two of my looks from Thursday to all-you-can-eat Pizza Hut and school, and yesterday from work!

All the English cram schools hosted Halloween events, and Joy English was no exception! Each class of kids was given a card and had to go around to each classroom, complete the game or activity, receive a stamp, and then move on to the next room. After filling up their whole card they got a big bag of candy (yum!)

To be honest, most of the kids and teachers don't know why Halloween is celebrated... but they just want to have fun!

Theme Lolita!
Winnie the Pooh skirt a headbow made by me
Blouse is vintage
Everything else is offbrand

All You Can Eat Pizza Hut was a complete diet-ruiner! Even though there was only one type of pizza I could eat (the rest had meat on them), I still ate a lot! The current theme is "Japanese" so there was Okono Miyaki, red bean pizza, red bean soup, Japanese vegetable soup, a Japanese red bean and green jelly dessert, etc. The red bean pizza was truly interesting... the photos I took make it look disgusting, so I will spare you the horror. It was literally a cheese pizza with red bean on top. It was drizzled with some type of green sauce that I could not taste the flavor of. Everything else was mediocre, but if you are ever in the mood to pig out on "American" food in Taiwan, Pizza Hut buffet has got you covered!

My "Halloween Costume"
JSK and Inner Dress made by me
Blouse is one I bought just a couple days ago and will be getting modified when I have time
Everything else is offbrand

No cardigan

Eyemake and lens shot

This was my first time wearing colored lens! I think they are too light-colored... look very unnatural! I will do a full write-up on the lens after I have worn them a bit more