Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mini Tutorial~Deco Pokewalker

I am a bit of a Pokemon freak. That's right, I admit it! I LOVE Pokemon! And of course, I think the original 150 is the best (151, if you were in on the secret of Mew!) Unfortunately, I was not allowed to play the games, and my parents never bought any game systems until Xbox came out. But that's what friends are for, right? Weekends spent borrowing GameBoys (Pokemon Yellow was my favorite!) and taking turns at Pokemon Stadium for N64 (don't forget Super Smash! Though I was actually always Kirby rather than Jigglypuff or Pikachu).

For my birthday this past May, two of my best friends got me a Nintendo DSi and Pokemon Heart Gold ! Then my dad got me a DSlite, and being truly material, I chose the DSlite because I prefer the shade of milk pink over the hot pink

As you all know (or should know!), Heart Gold and Soul Silver come with the Pokewalker! Basically, it is a pedometer that you can transfer one of your Pokemon into. I like to imagine that they are walking by my side when I am using it! Which is... every day... and of course, with so much use, my Pokewalker is getting a little bit beat up! It has two scuffs and a crack that goes about 3/4 of the way around the perimeter My solution? Deco it! Hopefully the strass stones will help protect it from more damage, plus it is so cute now!

I originally wanted to just add stones the same color as the base (red, black, and white) but failed to find red strass stones I found pink, and thought of making my Pokewalker into a Loveball instead, but the screen takes up too much room and the heart of the Loveball would be covered up! Instead, I chose to just make it cute and simple. Enough rambling, on to the pictures!

FYI this was my first time doing a full deco like this! It is not perfect, but I like it

First, I chose my materials!

White ribbon, white rose, pink rose, and pink, black, and white strass stones. The pink ones are ever so slightly smaller than the other two (they are 3mm I believe), which actually ended up working better!

Epoxy glue! This was my very first time using epoxy glue... you have to mix equal portions of the two bottles

PROTECT YOUR WORK AREA! This is extremely important!

Squeeze out equal size blobs of glue. The top on is the pink bottle, and is more viscous. The bottom is the blue bottle and is more liquid

The kit came with a stirring piece for mixing it up

First, place the large pieces on. It is easier to build the stones around the large pieces than to try and leave space for them at the end. They will also adhere better stuck directly onto your objet than if they were attached on top of the stones because there is more surface area attached.
I found that my nails were too long to hold these properly... need tweezers! Place them where you want. The glue takes 4 hours to dry, so you have lots of time to work

Next, build up your design. I had mine planned out for months, so I just went ahead and started gluing! I tried putting glue on the back of the strass stone, then attaching it, but actually found it easier to put a line of glue on the Pokewalker, then sticking stones on top of that. I did the black lines first, then the white portion, and lastly the pink portion. I worked in rows rather than from one side to the other in an attempt to keep it symmetrical. As you can see, I messed up on the white portion, but did better on the pink!
The smaller stones make it easier to maneuver around objects (like the ribbons and buttons) without gaping too much
While working around the buttons, stop periodically to press them and make sure you are not putting the stones too close!!

Lastly, I added the roses on top of the buttons to make them easier to press
I think I ended up getting some glue into the button area because the left button is a bit gummy. The other two click fine. I hope I didn't mess up my Pokewalker...
Also note that whatever you put on the buttons, the base shouldn't be bigger than the button otherwise it will hit the strass stones and be unable to be pushed down.

Deco is a very fun and pretty way to personalize an object. Get creative with your designs, but remember to think them through and make sure you won't regret it! Once dried, epoxy glue is hard to remove. Also please note that deco-ing directly onto any object voids the warranty. I suggest waiting until your warranty has expired, or buying a sleeve or case for your phone/laptop/game console. This way, you can also decorate multiple sleeves or cases and change your look to match your mood!

The place I bought my deco supplies at has many cute cakes and sweet cabochans that I would like to use for something... not sure what, but I like them a lot!

Now go out there and bring some pretty bling bling into your life!

Now that the glue has dried, I am happy to say that all three buttons function properly! I kept pressing them periodically (very carefully) throughout the drying time to make sure no glue seeped in and glued them stuck. Hooray!